My Parkdale garden started out slowly and has now filled in over the years with many plants reaching maturity. It is a sharing garden with a focus on diversity.

Definitely not a designer’s garden, nor a gardener’s garden, more of a bricoleur, plant-and-learn garden, labels and snapshots to trace the growth from first plantings through consecutive years, starting garden beds outside the fence with truck tire tracks that cut through the lamium, garden-as-gym kind of garden, garden as therapy, gardening for the love of gardening, gardening as magic. It began with pruning and tidying a space shortly after we moved here. Then just a few holes where the grass wasn’t growing anyhow. Hardy perennials given to me by neighbours, the discovery of plant exchanges, learning from Calgary Garden Coach, Wild about Flowers, finding late fall bargains at local garden centres, learning about companion plantings, water wise planting, drip irrigation, rainbarrels, dry creek beds, winter texture, texture, finding sources for mulch and compost, learning to make more of my own compost and mulch, using river stones and rocks, the increase in dandelions, the amount of work and water it takes for a lawn, the evil twin bellflower, mending and painting fences, a rock rug … nine years later, on a small budget, a large space, and lots of gardening hours, extensive planting with hardy perennial plants, grasses, bushes that will grow and fill out through time, increase number of plants that start in April and May and others that continue to flower into November in Zone 3, plants that can survive hail, a blog to record a process…


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