June 13 featured perennial Centaurea pulcherrima Pink Bachelor’s Button

June 13, 2017

June 13 featured perennial Centaurea pulcherrima Pink Bachelor’s Button – Cornflower

Centaurea pulcherrima Cornflower

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Tall Pink Bachelor’s Button Centaurea pulcherrima, (sen-tore-EE-uh pul-KAIR-ih-muh) cornflower; is a a clump forming perennial with lance shaped to broadly lance shaped leaves, pinnatifid, silvery green, to 10″ long. In my Calgary garden in can grow to over a meter high. It becomes floppy by the time it blossoms, which in 2015 was in June. Its large 2″ pink flowerheads with rose pink or purple-pink florets attract bees> The long-stemmed cut flowers with beautiful foliage, go well with blue catmint blossoms for a June bouquet. I planted Centaurea pulcherrima in front of Catmint and they flower at the same time. I once had it beside Bee Balm but the Bee Balm got lost in the Centaurea pulcherrima foliage and its growth was stunted. It tends to get floppy in my garden which is alright if there are no smaller plants around it. I sometimes support it.

Family: Asteraceae
Synonym: Psephellus pulcherrimus
Common Name: Centaurea
Plant Type: perennial
Height to: 16″
Width to: 24″
Zone 4 but grows in Calgary
Bloom Description: Centaurea pulcherrima bear solitary flowerheads to 2″ across, with silvery yellow involucral bracts and rose pink or purple-pink florets.
Bloom Season: mid summer
Sun Exposure:full sun
Soil Type: prefer well drained soil
Native to: Caucasus, Turkey, Iran


Various resources including The American Horticultural Society’s A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

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