Geranium visscossissimum, Cranesbill Geranium; Sticky Purple Geranium

cranesbill4web1The unsprung column which is the seed dispersal mechanism for the cranesbill geranium looks like the long bill of the crane. In Parkdale, Calgary the cranesbill geranium blossoms in early June at the same time as the ‘Mrs. Andrist’ Isis which can be planted in the geranium clump to hide the Iris leaves during the rest of the summer. After the Cranesbill blooms it can be cut back hard and it will reform into a circular mound and blossom a second time during the late summer.

Geranium pratense Cranesbill Geranium

The Cranesbill Geranium is recommended by Calgary’s YardSmart and WaterWise programs.

Companion plants for Cranesbill geranium

Subgroup recommended by YardSmart

Salvia in front of fescue in front of silver mound artemesia and liatris in front of Poppies beside day lilies and Geranium. Daylilies can be planted in geranium clumps. Catmint at back or centre


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