Creeping phlox phlox sublata

Creeping Phlox 'Candy Stripe'

Creeping Phlox ‘Candy Stripe’ 9 June ’13

Creeping Phlox 'Purple Beauty'

Creeping Phlox ‘Purple Beauty’  2 June ’14

Creeping Phlox 'Scarlet Flame'

Creeping Phlox ‘Scarlet Flame’

Phlox sublata Phlox

Full sun
Blooms in May, June in Calgary
Pink Potential, Poppies N Roses
Groundcover, green leaves grow in winter snow
Purchased ‘Candy Stripe’ from Home Depot Optimum in 2008. One small plant is now two large mounds in 2014.
Purchased ‘Purple Beauty’ in 2011. One small plant is now four large mounds in 2014.

Phlox sublata (mauve)

  1. Creeping phlox phlox sublata; Creeping phlox Candytuft Pink Stripe ID 304
    1. ‘Candy Stripe’ in “Melanie’s Medley” and “Bee Balm ‘N Friends“; May blossoms; “June blossoms“;
    2. ‘Scarlet Flame’ in “Bee Balm ‘N Friends“; “Country Lane in the City“; May blossoms; “June blossoms“;
    3. ‘Purple Beauty’ in “Melanie’s Medley“, May blossoms; “June blossoms“;
  2. David Phlox, September Surprise;

May 18, 2017 featured perennial of the day


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