Iberis sempervirens Evergreen Candytuft

Iberis sempervirens Evergreen Candytuft

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The Iberis sempervirens Evergreen Candytuft was in bloom on June 5, 2017. It was a gift from our lovely next door neighbour Dale many years ago and only recently did a friend, Brianne W., tell me its name. I had called it my mystery white spring flower for years.

This naturalizer makes an excellent ground cover and is almost evergreen in our Zone 3ish Calgary climate. It is among the first to blossom starting in early May. I have since divided it and transplanted it in my home garden and in the Parkdale Community Garden. It has a sticky surface that attaches to garden gloves pulling up a small piece for automatic transplanting. Its blossoms sway at the top of the long thin stem. My mounds are usually not wider than 30 cm. It was one of the plants in my lane way garden that Brookfield Residential helped transplant in September 2015. We have kept dividing it at the Community Garden around the edges of perennial beds and food forest guilds as a defense against invasive plants and grasses.


Iberis sempervirens Evergreen Candytuft Heritage Perennials


Mystery spring white flower