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Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Nana’ Silver Mound Iris – Historic tall bearded Iris ‘Mrs. Andrist’ Sedum floriferum ‘Weihenstephaner Gold’

Limonium latifolium Sea Lavender

Limonium latifolium Sea lavender produces tiny blue flowers. In Zone 2 it blossoms from June to August but I think it blossoms later in Calgary’s Zone 3.

I planted this in 2008 or 2009 and it never ceases to bring pleasure. It blossoms later in the season and since the blossoms retain their colour when they die, either as cut flowers on or the plant, they bring a soft lavender haze into October and November in Calgary. The plant grows to a height of 30 inches. It is very hardy perennial for up to Zone 3 and produces numerous multi-branched flower heads with tiny blossoms. They like well-drained soil and a sunny location.

This plant reminds me of the native perennial Limonium carolinianum sea lavender on Prince Edward Island. Every cottage had a vase of the dried flowers.

List of featured perennials by date

This is a list of Parkdale perennials in reverse chronological order with each plant linked to the date where it has stood out in the garden.


Gentiana calycosa Pleated gentian

This plant requires a moist, cool soil in part shade. In Parkdale YYC it begins to bloom in mid-July. The striking deep, intense blue colouring makes it conspicuous and it all “All parts of this plant…are poisonous if ingested.”*

Gentians are among the loveliest of mountain wildflowers and are rock-garden favorites. The genus honors King Gentius of Illyria, ruler of an ancient country on the east side of the Adriatic Sea, who is reputed to have discovered medicinal virtues in gentian plants.” (LBJWC)


*Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (LBJWC) The University of Texas at Austin.

Plants that attract butterflies

G2017_07_23-012This is a Fritillary Butterfly showing the underside of its wing on a Joe Pye Weed flower on July 23, 2017 in a Parkdale YYC garden.

Lysimachia nummularia “Aurea” Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny Flynn-Burhoe ParkdalePerennialsYYC

The City of Calgary recommends Lysimachia nummularia “Aurea” Creeping Jenny as one of its Yardsmart perennials. “This is an excellent spreading groundcover for shady spots and trails nicely over rocks or walls with yellow flowers in midsummer. It does best in partial shade but will tolerate sun and shade as well. It is good for moist locations and a good plant to take advantage of rainwater runoff. It does spread but can be easily picked back by pulling stems out. Helps attract bees to the yard.


The City of Calgary recommends Lysimachia nummularia “Aurea” Creeping Jenny as one of its Yardsmart perennials.

Eupatorium maculatum Joe Pyeweed, Spotted Joe-Pye Weed

Eupatorium maculatum Joe Pye weed,

Joe Pye Weed Flynn-Burhoe ParkdalePerennialsYYC FB

Eupatorium maculatum Joe Pyeweed, Spotted Joe-Pye Weed is a low maintenance prairie native that grows rapidly to 8′ high by 4′ wide. It has an extensive root system so it is drought tolerant. It is covered with large quantities of pink flowers by the third week in July in Calgary. It prefers moist soils. Mine is planted at the back of garden bed beside a large explorer pink rose that also has height.


Joe Pye WeedBetter Homes and Gardens