Tara’s Island

This is another challenging space because of the poplar tree whose roots absorb so much water, The poplar sheds three times a year and creates quite a mess in this garden. The Maltese Cross does well enough but its bright red colour clashes with many other plants. I have tried only planting planting red or white blossoms but I am having difficulty finding plants that can thrive here. It gets less sunlight in the morning but by mid-afternoon there is a very strong sunlight from the west that lasts well into the evening. I have been gradually improving the soil on this slightly raised bed and there is a drip system. In 2014 we have a new rain barrel for this corner of the garden and I hope to keep it watered more than other years. I have avoided putting prairie sage here but it may be the only plant that could do well and would provide some height alongside the Maltese Cross. I acquired the first Maltese Cross plant in August 2008.

By June 2014 I am still experimenting with plants for this difficult spot. I had planted Goat’s beard Aruncus dioicus (Zone 2-9) even though it prefers moist, peaty soil. I wanted tall white plants to hide the leggy Maltese Cross and to not clash with the bright red. By the end of June it is clear that the Goat’s beard will be moved near one of the shrub roses. Since it dislikes heat it may be better in the Poppies and Roses bed. It needs space so I might have to move some daisies.

Silene maritima ‘Silene Weisskehlchen’ Sea Campion Epic Plants Zone 4-9 small white flower, full sun
Lychnis_coronaria_Gardeners_World_Perennial-013 Maltese Cross
Sedum Summer? Glory’
Shasta Daisy

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