Decorative Allium 5 June '14 Orange poppies 5 June '14 Yellow Poppies 5 June '14

Decorative Allium, Orange and yellow poppies

The City of Calgary has planted dozens of this tall decorative allium with day lilies for a dramatic display beside 10th ST NW bridge. The orange California poppies Eschscholzia californica also known as California poppy, golden poppy, California sunlight, cup of gold are hardy volunteers. One is growing in the greenhouse doorway. See wikipedia. The yellow poppies are now in different garden beds since first purchased in 2008 from Cobblestone Nursery. The French lilac with its strong fragrance and the caragana trees are starting to blossom as the Nanking and Romeo cherry, the Saskatoon berry and crab apple tree white and pink blossoms are fading. The creeping phlox, Basket of Gold alyssum, bleeding heart, are in blossom and the Avens, anemone and early violets are past their prime. Creeping thyme “Magic carpet’ is beginning to blossom and the Bachelor Buttons, centaura montana, catmint are full of buds. The David Thompson Explorer rose continues to flower and the Morden sunrise has buds.

It was 11 degrees today and overcast. Weeding dandilions, couch grass etc. Cut neighbour’s lawn.